Currently based in Zurich, Switzerland

Daniel Treystman (b. 1996, Israel) is a musician, sound designer and audio-visual artist. His range of work includes studio compositions, live acts, multimedia installations and music and sounds design for picture motion.

The main instruments in his work are acoustic drums and computer-based processing and synthesis, along side mediums such as programming, electronics, mechanics  and ready-made.

He is part of the metal trio Karkait, the drone-rock act Sevelle and an active member of Jerusalem’s lively experimental art scene. 

Graduated from the Musrara School of Art in Jerusalem and currently studying In ZHdK, Zurich.

Exhibitions and Publications 

2021 ▪

          Virtual A/V installation, s++, Zer01ne Festival, Jerusalem, Israel  

Virtual A/V installation, s++,  Gaudeamus Festival , Utrecht, The Netherlands

A/V installation, z++, ZHdK, Zurich, Switzerland 

Karkait - Yekum // Kiyum & Yevul, Wolves and Vibrancy Records

2020 ▪

Artist Residency & permanent exhibit, Hamiffal, Jerusalem

Virtual A/V installation, i++,  Workshop, Tel-Aviv

A/V installation, i++,  The Social Gallery, Musrara, Jerusalem

A/V installation, sphere~ 96, The Israeli Center For Digital Art, Holon

Album release, Karkait - Yekum // Kiyum Remixes

2019 ▪

Album release, Sevelle - Live at Zikuk

EP release, destructure informatika - s/t

Album release,  Karkait - Yekum // Kiyum

2018 ▪

Album release, Ingrain - Slough, Pest Productions

2015 ▪

EP release, Ingrain - Aembers, Pest Productions 


Work Experience

2022 ▪

          Video art, 25 months, Swiss Arts Awards nominee, Sound design 

Feature length video art, From Our Window, Sound design 

2021 ▪

Animation short, Go Ski, Sound design 

Animation short, How To Survive The Heat And stay Human, Sound design 

Film, Wild Flowers Don’t Care Where They Grow, Sound design 

2020 ▪

Film, Chayot Ha’Lashon, Field recordings and sound editing 

Video game, Consensus, Sound design
Animation short, Studio Plonter, Sound design

Animation short, The Gloaming, Sound design

2019 ▪

Mazkeka Studios and venue, Sound technician

Animation short, Saint Moritz, Sound design

Animation short, Na’amat organization, Sound design