When setting a number of pendulums with different dimensions next to each other, an interesting phenomenon occurs: each pendulum moves individually based on its properties, but together they can create aesthetic relations that range between order and chaos. 

Imagine a group of 15 drummers. Each drummer hits her drum once, in a rhythm and tempo that is unique to her. If we were to concentrate on one drummer only, we would notice a simple pattern of action, one that we could forecast and replicate. But the big picture creates an intricate web of relationships between the different drummers - a polyrhythmic system comprised of 15 components. The resulting pattern creates a series of unique encounters, converting them to an immersive audio-visual experience.

Premiered at The Social Gallery, Musrara, Jerusalem 


An A/V interactive web-based work in collaboration with Amos Peled.

i++ | v++ | z++ | s++ is an ever evolving cross platform A/V installation,

which is based on a research of phasing and polyrhythm phenomena. 

In the presented iteration, the work spills out of its physical boundaries and into the digital realm. The user goes through a journey of space, sound and light, where the line between forced reality and control is fragile. 

Premiered at Screen Dive 2.0 as part of Gaudemaus Festival, Utrecht, The Netherlands. 

Exhibitions & Festivals

2021 ▪ 

            Virtual A/V installation, s++, Zer01ne Festival, Jerusalem, Israel  

            s++, Utrecht, The Netherlands.

            z++, ZHdK, Zurich, Switzerland 

2020 ▪

           The Talk, Hamiffal, Jerusalem 

            v++,  Workshop, Tel-Aviv

            i++,  The Social Gallery, Musrara, Jerusalem

            sphere~ 96, The Israeli Center For Digital Art, Holon