Karkait (Hebrew for Bottom Ground) is a Jerusalem based trio of guitar - drums - vocals, focusing on extreme forms of musical expression - dark and aggressive yet complex and diverse while deconstructing the simplicity of grindcore and death metal.

With broken rhythms, scorched sound, screams-cries and whispers-sighs, the trio creates a chaotic world of dissatisfaction, dissonance, uncertainty and existential angst; extreme music that does not fall into sub-genre definitions.  

Karakit was formed in 2017, and since then has been highly active in the art, metal and experimental scenes in Israel and Europe.

(Ron Sheskin, Daniel Treystman, Amos Peled)


Sevelle is Niv Gafni on DIY Pipes, Shaul Kohan on Elecric Guitar and Daniel Treystman on Drums. The trio streches a line between old religious meditative 'Drone' music, to the high energy Krautrock. Together they create a shamanic rock-n-roll ritual that blows as mesmerizing wall of sound.

destructure informatika 

destructure informatika studies the representation, processing, and communication of raw data, sonificated and arranged on a timeline. 
Fields of statics, hyperdynamics and spikes of hollow sounds uncovering and embodying raw data.