Sound Design 

How To Survive The Heatwave And Stay Human
Animation short

It’s the hottest day of the year and Jerusalem is being devoured by a scorching heatwave! In the city center, three flatmates live in blissful ignorance under the cool caress of their air conditioner. But when the AC breaks down, one person must venture outside to find a new battery, and discover HOW TO SURVIVE THE HEATWAVE AND STAY HUMAN.

Saint Moritz

Animation short

The relations between a mother and son are tested during the preparations for the Passover cleaning ritual when the son decides to burn down the house to set them both free.


Video game / Experiment 

Consensus is an interactive experience that aims to examine the relationship between an individual’s worldview and that of its surrounding - how they affect, limit, and shape each other over time. Through reorganization of basic units, each participant can strengthen or weaken what has been done before them, eventually contributing to the materialization of an “agreed” object.

Go Ski

Animation short 

Tamar is a 25 years old young woman who is riding in a skilift chair in an endless loop. By not going down to ski with the others, she's choosing to stay on the sidelines. Her solitude is broken when a stranger chooses to sit beside her, and Tamar gets a chance to contemplate what she really wants.

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From Our Window

Feature length video art

During the second Covid lockdown at the beginning of 2021, Joke Schmidt (b.1992, lives and works in Zurich) and Miriam Rutherfoord (b.1991, lives and works in Zurich and Winterthur) retreated into their studio in Zurich and filmed the view outside from their window. The film From Our Window, is a result of this activity over the course of the last year.

Work experience 

2022 ▪ 

          Video art, 25 months, Swiss Arts Awards nominee, Sound design 

Feature length video art, From Our Window, Sound design 

2021 ▪

Animation short, Go Ski, Sound Design 

Animation short, How To Survive The Heat And stay Human, Sound design

Film, Wild Flowers Don’t Care Where They Grow, Sound design  

2020 ▪

Film, Chayot Ha’Lashon, Field recordings and sound editing 

Video game, Consensus, Music and Sound design 
Animation short, Studio Plonter, Sound design

Animation short, The Gloaming, Sound design

2019 ▪

Animation short, Saint Moritz, Sound design

Animation short, Na’amat organization, Sound design